Friday, August 18 2023, 11a-12:30p

This is a FREE event of an ActionCOACH Membership Experience (with lunch provided).

To save a seat, call me at 336-209-4233

MEMBERSHIP is a unique and highly valuable integration of peer-partner program, accountability, weekly business education, and a monthly group meeting to inspire, motivate, and propel you to move your business forward.

It's a great opportunity to 30X Your Business and Your Life!


  • Each week, facilitated by an ActionCOACH, you will discuss with your business owner peers how to apply the key learnings from videos of Brad Sugars, founder of ActionCOACH. You'll have full access to the Video Vault of "30X Business" videos of Brad's best business growth ideas and strategies. (3 weeks/month)

  • Once-each-month, you will get together for a half-day IN-PERSON workshop with your peers that will give you access to world-renowned speakers on business and peak personal performance. You will "mastermind" how you can apply these ideas to grow your own business.

  • Once each quarter, led by the ActionCOACH team, you'll spend a day with your peers going even further into learning and developing as a professional business owner: planning ways to strengthen your business, working on specific areas of marketing, sales, financial budgeting, leveraging systems, and hiring great people, and empowering your team to deliver excellence to your customers.

ALSO: In the first 3 months of your MEMBERSHIP, you will have a 1:1 Business Goal Alignment with your ActionCOACH.

See what ActionMembership can do for you!


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